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jin's pov: it's been awhile and me and namjoon have been doing amazing. we would go to his house and I would cook, he would usually break his chair and I would laugh, and we would passionately kiss each other till we sleep. I feel so in love but yoongi on the other hand is grumpy and hates being around me. I think I know why but I don't it possible yoongi likes namjoon..... namjoon: morning everyone jin: ah good morning namjoon taehyung: gooooodd afternoon!! namjoon: it's morning v. taehyung: oh yeah.... jeon: haha good morning leader hobi: great morning!! yoongi: it can be better. jimin: agreed with yoongi. namjoon: our tour starts in a hour and I want everyone ready and good. make sure to smile at fans and get ready for a fan signing after concert. our seating arrangement will be with who you pair up with. now because there is 7 of us we need a pair with one more person with them. so jungkook you pick someone first. jeon: I choose taehyung and jimin. namjoon: alright I'll write that. next jhope. hobi: I wanna be with grumpy yoongi!! yoongi: ah what! I wanted to be with namjoon because I lov-..... never mind... namjoon: OK so then me and Jin are a pair cool. pack things meet at yurae palace. jimin: *pulls jungkook to a corner* did you tell taehyung what we did? jeon: of course not he would be heart broken... jimin: but it meant something jeon: maybe to you but I was drunk OK? jimin: but we shared that special moment...we kissed and kissed and told each other we loved each other... jeon: again I was drunk taehyung: drunk when? jeon: drunk in love with you taehyung: awww maknae *kisses him* jimin: hey those lips are mine! *punches taehyung* jeon: jimin! taehyung: ouch... what do you mean his lips are yours.... jimin: I kissed him OK? we kissed better than you will ever. taehyung: what?! jeon: oppa it's not what you think... taehyung: how can you do this? why didn't you just date him if you were going to make me feel like I truly am in love with you... *starts crying and walks away* jeon: park jimin! jimin: I'm... I'm sorry jungkook.... jeon: he won't ever forgive me... MEANWHILE.... jin: namjoon does yoongi like you? namjoon: what? since when? he's just not a fan of people dating... jin: what about him and jhope? namjoon: he's selfish. jin: right... namjoon I love you a lot namjoon: jin... I love you more *kisses him deeply* AGAIN MEANWHILE yoongi: why did you pair with me. hobi: because we are love birds! yoongi: since when? hobi: since everytime you kiss me and tell me you love me yoongi: but I don't love you ok? hobi: you.... don't.... yoongi: *sighs and kisses hobi* I love you so much jhope.... hobi: I know 1 HOUR LATER.... *jin and namjoon arrive at yurae palace* namjoon: oh my god we have to leave already where is everyone!? jin:calm down namjoon namjoon: I'm a best friend but I'm also the leader and I made it specific about our plan! jeon: sorry we are here.... jimin: yeah.... namjoon: OK so now it's jhope and suga and taehyung left hobi: I came fast!! yoongi: I was sleeping. namjoon: jungkook, jimin....wasnt taehyung in your group? jimin: oh yeah... namjoon: then where is he? jeon: I don't know he....ran off... namjoon: why? jimin: I told him something that hurt him namjoon: what did you say park jimin. jimin: *looks away speechless* jeon: he told him that me and jimin kissed because I was drunk and I thought it was taehyung but it wasn't. namjoon: what?! we have to find V now! *3 HOURS LATER* namjoon: anyone find taehyung? jin: not at all jeon: no I couldn't jimin: no... hobi: no sign of him namjoon: wait where is yoongi? *somewhere far away* yoongi: kim taehyung. taehyung: what... yoongi: are... are you ok buddy? taehyung: beside my heart being shattered sure... yoongi: *hugs taehyung* listen I'm sorry I really am I know how you feel when someone had something special with you and then it disappears taehyung: why did I like him... yoongi: because it happened. who knows maybe the person you are destined to be with is closer than you think. taehyung: *looks at yoongi* yoongi: *kisses taehyung* jeon: I'm sorry taehyung..... chapter 5 soon im sorry I took forever I just ugh had a lot to do and I was coming up with ideas on what I should do but anyway I'll try to be faster with chapter 5 anyway tagging!! @taehyungkey @nnatalieg @cutebabylay @ninjamidori @keniaaxox @ewillsea @momochamie @jessicavang @jessicacosta90 @msloyalheart @sarahdawish @sarahvandorn @sugalessjams @reyestiny93 @maelyn @thepinkprincess @kagamine381 @moonchild03 @bibes19 @passthesuga @jaiipanda @pretieeemm @serenitythao @superjuniorelf @bridgetjara @nykeaking @niahritaylor @kpopandkimichi comment if you wanna be tagged or removed enjoy!
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