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So apparently there's a new beer for the gym bro. It's called 'Barbell Brew.' A great name for all the bros how there who are smashing weight, and want to down a cool beer afterwards. It's made by Muscle Food, and being sold for about $22 in U.S. dollars.

So What Are The Macros?

21.8g of protein
2g of carbs
Doesn't seem to have any fat.

Some Of The Beer's Perks:

Only 92 calories
Gluten Free
You know what, I am actually impressed by the macros and caloric weight of the beer. I just wonder if it tastes like shit.

Just don't drink and lift, you guys.

Would this be something you'd try?
I would def try it...but the I agree with @InVisybll. Way too expensive :(
22 dollars!?!? screewwwww that
I have never, and don't plan on ever drinking beer. the smell alone is a deterrent in its own right.
@mchlyang yeah the price is definitely disappointing.
source of protein is important and whether or not there is sugar lol but 92 cal isn't bad... probably tastes like pee.... I'm all about the good beer
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