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It's almost noon.

This means you've probably already started your day and whether it's going in the direction you had planned or not -- you're half way there. We all know the morning struggle of getting out of bed. The constant pressing of the snooze button and wishing you didn't have to drag your lifeless body out of bed to see the light of day.
For those people who happen to be morning people, kudos to you for being one step ahead of the game. For those who find themselves in this predicament every morning, it's time we made light of the situation. Sometimes laughter is the best medicine, so keep scrolling to check out a ten gifs that best describe 90% of the worlds feelings when it comes to getting out of bed in the morning. Trust me, it could be worst. Let's just be thankful we had the opportunity to get out of bed and see the light of day.

We all know that feeling all too well. The relationship one has with its bed is unbreakable.

That moment your body hits the bed and all of your worries and cares from the day slowly drift away.

It doesn't take long for sleep to engulf your body and before you know it you're snoozing.

You tell yourself that you're awake, but deep down you're fighting sleep and finally give in and knock out.

The moment you've been dreading. Your alarm is constantly going off, but you can't find the energy to turn over and turn it off.

Waking up still in a daze wishing it was all a dream.

Laying back down and contemplating life before you have to face reality.

Literally having to drag yourself out of bed because you're still tired.

You made it. Barely, but you did it.

You immediately regret your decision.

The sarcasm is real and your mood is anything but pretty. Your day has officially began.

How accurate is this sequence?

Can you relate?
I'm already married to my bed. And we have the "...and they lived happily ever after" kinda relationship!
same, exact 10 minutes turns into an hour for me lol @danidee and the gram is always a must @nicolejb
@danidee plus you gotta check the gram!
Yeah, I'm with @nicolejb. Usually, I end up on my phone for a good 10 minutes or so before I roll out. I just need some time to get my brain to somewhat realistic functioning speed before I start getting ready for the day.
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