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He opened His mouth, and taught them. The first word of Christ’s first sermon was “Blessed.” The last glimpse the world had of Him, as He was ascending, He was blessing His friends. He came to bless the world, not to blight it; to comfort sorrow, not to make sorrow. The Beatitudes are transcripts of the things of heaven. It is well for us to study these “Blesseds,” for they show the qualities in life which please God and make true happiness. The world would not say “Happy are they that mourn,” “Happy are the meek.” Christ’s Beatitudes describe those who are in the heavenly kingdom, and that is where every Christian belongs. Salt preserves from corruption. Christians are to save the world from moral decay, and to give to all life a seasoning which will make it sweeter, more wholesome. When Jesus said, “Ye are the light of the world,” He meant that we are to be like lamps shining in the darkness. We are to live sweetly, patiently, kindly, helpfully.
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