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Any hentai you can think of (except tentacle, rape, incest, bondage, demons, aliens, etc.). Wait... that leaves none left.
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Definitely OHSHC because I go to a "rich kid school." It's not even a legit rich kid school it's a public school in pretty much the middle of nowhere with tons of nice neighborhoods and super rich families that wanted to live out in the country. I'd probably be either Haruhi (we both are pretty smart and kinda awkward and tomboyish) or just a random girl in the background listening to music, doing homework or trying to stay awake in class.....
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Really, I don't know! I always watch anime with a lot of hot boys and fighting, so...The boys at my school or not breath taking and there's no fire coming out of my mouth any time soon...So...
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the most drama filled anime x10
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Although there is no host club at my school and pretty much most of the guys are arrogant jerks who think they can get into any girl's pants. And they complain about how "my aunt took my family's private jet to Hawaii last weekend so I couldn't fly to New York." I'm being dead serious here, some dude in my history class was complaining about that and those are his EXACT words. Damn rich kids.
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