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Happy 1000th Day Anniversary to BTS! it's hard to believe is that today is 1000th day with these boys. However it feels like they had been at this forever. Honestly these boys will be celebrating their 3rd anniversary with ARMYs and everybody else this coming summer. But to make it to 1000 days, wow. i remember when they came out with Boys in Luv around this time 2 years ago. I didn't really truly listen to them as much. Yes I listen to No More Dream and We Are Bulletproof but that was after the summer and when they came out with those two songs and then they came out with N.O. Like I said before I didn't really start listening to them and getting to know them like I do now until they came out with I NEED U.
After I NEED U come out and then with Dope and RUN, my life has changed. I have been creative all my life but I never really did much with it until I started listening to BTS. I am so proud of this boys and I hope I the future they continue their hard work and dedication to their fans for years to come. Fighting BTS!
@Choijiah exactly 😂 they r all over my lock screen and home screen
@danyeljules41 I know what you me with them taking over my phone. I think every day I change my wallpaper.
I'm so proud of them. They've earned their spot and continue to grow. I can't believe I'm admitting this but the keyboard on my phone has a background picture of them on the letters. That's how much I love them. GO BTS!