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Taking That Risk

Life is funny. It is full of spectacular circumstances that can arise from absolutely nothing, and we as humans must decide how to handle them. Sometimes, running away is an option. I for one have done that on several occasions. However, there will be times where a decision must be made right there on the spot. It might be the decision to talk to someone new or not. The decision to call up an old friend. Or even the decision to try to love someone else.
Running away is not a trait that was ever passed down through my genes. My mother always took things by the horn. My father was always confident in whatever he did. And I too at some point was like them. I kinda regret my freshman and sophomore year of high school because at the time, I didnt care about anything. School wasn't my main concern at the time and all I thought about were my friends. I took risks everywhere I went. I wasn't afraid of the consequences.
The me today however is afraid of everything. Every choice I make is countered by thoughts of things going bad and I shy away from it. I don't want to go through the pain and suffering that came when a risk finally went bad. You see, I am a firm believer that someone who has not experienced heartbreak, cannot experience love. It's a simple concept. It's the same as someone who has been raised in a cave for years and is suddenly thrown out into the sun. Something that person never knew he needed is suddenly something that he cannot live without. But the same can be said about pain. Someone who has never experienced true pain will never learn to fear it. It's funny, it's the only way humans can learn about pain; we have to cross the line just to know where it lays.

"The risk taken is far better than the risk avoided."

I'm sure I'm not the first who has said that but it doesn't make the statement any less true. Risks are essential in growing up and maturing as an individual. One who lives life without risk is not living life. One who runs away only furthers the pain like a lingering poison.
Experience defines character. There's no doubt about it. But it is up to the character to see how it takes that experience. The logical way would be to take a positive and thrive or take a negative and hide. That's how my brain works. But the optimist would instead take the negative and make it into a positive. They would see the good in every bad choice and be able to learn from it, even if what they learned means they have to avoid it. Risks are crucial. The important ones cannot be avoided and require an action. When that time comes, try to think of the positives and negatives. As a good friend would tell me, "Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst."
Thank you @TessStevens, @nicolejb, and @jordanhamilton! I'm glad you guys liked it :3
Thanks so much for tagging me @TessStevens! I absolutely love this and I love the fact that you took the time to give an explanation for each quote @Dynamo :) the second one happens to be my favorite, I am all for taking risks. You might as well do it now instead of waiting and questioning why you never took the chance when you had the opportunity later on down the road.
this was really inspiring. Loved all the quotes you used and your musings really made sense to me! Keep these kinds of cards coming. I love reading them!!!!! @jordanhamilton I think you would love this!
Thanks so much for allowing reshares and such! @Dynamo, I clipped to my lesson of the day collection.
you're very welcome :)
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