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@larkspurs he really does look like a nice guy from the variety shows that I've seen ;) he definitely needs more singing lines in CNBlue's songs though. @Reyam he's one charming guy that you can't help but love
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@chasinghapiness yeah he is and min hyuk thay i love them since debut yong hwa too
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@reyam I love everyone in cnblue! hah xD but JH just draws me in the most. Minhyuk too he's too cute ^__^
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I love his voice as well as JYH but I love how jonghyun always smiles or laughs at something and he tries to contain himself sometimes but fails makes him more cute.
5 years ago·Reply
@chasinghapiness well i dont like JS a lot but you can say i love JH ,MH ,YH lolz
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