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The Best of Our WORST Jokes!

*.:。.☆°Friendship is Magic°☆.。.:*

Last week's check-in asked for the best HORRIBLE jokes we had and let's just say we didn't disappoint anyone when it comes to how disappointing our jokes can be. Here's the best of our worst:
Thanks to @redapple615 that song was stuck in my head all weekend.
Thanks @hhead232 that one genuinely hurt.
@KyleBerke was clever, but @LAVONYORK was really corny XD
Thanks @MaighdlinS for reminding us that Vingle is where weird goes to play.
This one was a knee slapper @littlemaryk XD
Sounds fishy to me.... @JimTurpen @AllieGrabowski @Melodicballoon ;)
@buddyesd I have a bridge I can sell ya btw!
@BlackDragon88 you quack me up
Please stay forever @MishiiYukiko & @Marichel <3

We have a weird sense of humor...

And I *love* us for it!!! Keep on keeping on everyone <3
@CreeTheOtaku ha Ive heard that one
@shannonl5 Why is Six afraid of seven? . . . Cause Seven was a well known six offender
I have a family friend that would tell me blonde jokes all of the time because I am blonde
Haha these are great
but dad jokes are my Forte
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