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Ladies, don't be fooled.

To set the record straight, the correct and original term for this style of braids are called cornrows not boxer braids as the term the Kardashian's coined. Anyway, moving forward -- braids are taking over this spring and if you haven't been down with the braid gang, it's about time you jump on board.
This cornrow braided bun will make your spring days easy and breezy allowing your scalp to breathe while giving you more time to focus on your makeup and style opposed to messing with your hair for what seem like hours. If you're loving this look, keep scrolling and check out the video below.
[Disclaimer: the video features flat twist, but you can substitute for cornrows.]

Are you loving this look for the spring?

The great thing is, you don't need to have long hair to recreate it.
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autocorrect totally butchered what I said...sheesh
haha, I knew what you meant and oh wow! that's pretty convenient when you can rock a style like this for a month and manage to keep it looking good. I wish I didn't mess my hair up so easily lol @EasternShell
@jordanhamilton I actually went to a salon and had hair added. That way I could have color added without damaging my hair. The funny thing is that my hair gets frizzy in humidity and still the style held for a month. So, I kept rockin' it. It's sophisticated looking and didn't require more than a little oil on my scalp.
Oh and about an hour at the salon.
I think this style is perfect for the spring and summer humidity & having hair added is smart! I might have to rock this @EasternShell