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1- Algeria is the biggest country in Africa, Arab world and even around the Mediterranean sea. 2- The emblematic animal of Algeria is the Fennec, the national football team (soccer) is called “les fennecs” 3- Algeria has no exterior debt, it erased debts for 14 African countries last month and landed money to the FMI. 4- Since its independence in 1962 Algeria always stands by the side of people seeking for freedom. 5- In 1980, Algeria mediated the negotiations between the USA and Iran to liberate the American hostages in Tehran which led to the signing of the Algiers Accords, just minutes after the new American president Ronald Reagan was sworn into office. 6- Algeria is called the country of cherry and dates (because it has various types of weather, a mild one in the north and a Saharan one in the south, Algerian dates by the way are the best on earth the quality “Deglet Nour” is well known to dates amateurs. 7- The national Park of Tassili in Tassili n'Ajjer also called "Plateau of the Rivers" is the biggest open sky museum, there are many drawings from the rehistoric rock art and other ancient archaeological sites, dating from the Neolithic era, there are even drawings referring to Aliens on the rocks (many UFOS was reported to be seen in the area) 8- The customs in Algeria are to welcome visitors by offering them Dates and Milk 9- A fun custom in a west City (Capital of Raï music) ORAN is to push the car horns while crossing the tunnel leading to the beach, it’s said that it brings good luck 10- “La Touiza” is a big celebration in agricultural areas where people gather to volunteer support and help one of them in need for harvesting, at the end of the day a big feast is prepared with huge amounts of couscous to reward the hard working of the day
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@Tapsamai I don't doubt that it must be really good :) , there are liquors made out of this fruit and believe it or not inside the palm tree that makes this fruit there's a liquor called "legmi" so people who climb the tree to get the fruit often pierce a hole in the top of the tree and drink the liquor straight from there, so often they get drunk and fall down it's a funny scene to watch :D.
@ouahoo ooooh, it is so nice of you !! I would wait in Korea, until I got the fruit from you then. You mix cloves and cinnamon? hehe how about cloves, cinnamon, dates fruit, and some of the hot red wines ! It would be heaven, isn't it ? :)
@Tapsamai , in here it's a custom to offer this fruit to people who don't live in Algeria, so if I make it to Seoul even if you're not there I would give it to somebody you know who will give it to you, it has a really good taste. In Algeria we mix it into a paste to which we add cloves and cinnamon and make stuffed biscuits with that it's heavenly good
@ouahoo aaah then now I know which fruit is that ! I think I did see it many time in the Turkish area when I was in german as well. They eat a lot of that. I think it is really good though. hehe you come to Korea next year? That is great ! If I am still here, we still could definitely go for a coffee hehe and then you could offer me as a guest that fruit !
@nollakolla hi, Tassili is an archeological site, there are prehistorical drawings everywhere it may be the first visited place in Algeria, I know people who visited they came back with the greatest impressions
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