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This decision is impossible (;一_一)

But I dare you to choose anyway!
I'm not the main character, yet it doesn't say I'm can'tbe the main character best friend, lover, or enemy...right
2 years ago·Reply
easy, anime, even side characters have their own special personalities that everyone remembers
2 years ago·Reply
the anime cause in fairy tail there is like main characters and characters who r n the show they all r basically the main characters. basically all of fairy tail is the main character 😂😂😂
2 years ago·Reply
I would want to have power to twist my head 180° like an owl. scare the shit outta people behind me. even better if it makes a horrid cracking sound.
2 years ago·Reply
anime flat out ..I don't even care I'm just one of the background characters
2 years ago·Reply
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