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There goes the wind from within my home As I saw her walking down the beautiful dawn As my universe was built inside her stars And I could count the endless pieces of my heart With my feathers scented with deer's musk I fly high to build my home on the cloudy dusk Hades called and held my foot to hold me down As I dealt the pain and hear my heart's sound Waiting for my wind to come flying to me As I believed her to be my only destiny The orchestra in my heart was painting colours on my soul And I saw my feathers to lift and shine on the pity ghoul The guiding light bestowed upon from my home As my heart was beating to fast in this very cold I held her close and felt her warmth As I built my home inside her heart I may be an emotional fool still feeling for an unknown wind But I like to believe in the power that lurks inside because of it As I feel home-like to fill this blood with warmth And invincible that Hades can't stand against us Extending my arms, I wrap my wind all around myself Breathing it in and never letting it to go to fall naive As it played my heart like strings of a violin And piano and flute filled the soul's serenity in
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"The orchestra in my heart was painting colours on my soul," so poignant and lovely :)