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So apparently, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney is getting it's own anime.
If you didn't know, Phoenix Wright is the main character of a popular series of games in the Ace Attorney series. He's a lawyer, and a damn good one at that. The games have been so successful that they've warranted a whole anime.
I was completely unaware of this fact until today I saw that there is a new 15 second teaser trailer out for it. It's all in Japanese, though, so I have no idea what they're saying. I assume it's things lawyers would say, like Objection! and Overruled!
Either way, it definitely has the energy and action one would expect from an Ace Attorney anime.
Check out the actual teaser below:

The anime is apparently set to debut in Japan on April 2!

Anybody here excited about that?
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It says CAPCOM is developing Ace Attorney 6 for the Nintendo 3DS, and CAPCOM also plans to bring the game to the West. The game will ship in Japan in 2016. So maybe I'll just pick that up when it comes around and see how it goes. I always like finding new things for the DS since it's portable. And of course check this out too. Says there are a ton of manga series too, including one that launching this year. O_O *Had to look this junk up, had no clue* @InVinsybll
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@Danse haha awesome! I don't do any handheld gaming anymore, but if I had a DS I'd totally check this out
2 years ago·Reply
the games, I mean
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This looks like it could be pretty good. I haven't played the games but I'm still pretty excited
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I LOVE the Phoenix Wright games. I've played them all at least twice. They're really well-written, and the characters are great. Hopefully, it carries over into the anime.
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