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Ni Oh! is a game that was first announced back in 2005. The game is a Playstation 4 exclusive and it comes from Team Ninja, the developers who have brought us the impossibly difficult Ninja Gaiden games.
The game, announced now 11 years ago, is finally slated for a release in 2016. Team Ninja finally put up some alpha test footage, originally shown at the Tokyo Game Show last year in a private screening.
Now that we get a chance to give the game a look, things look fantastic. It has the same combat fluidity you'd expect from Team Ninja, and a very dark aesthetic, similar to Dark Souls or Bloodborne.
It's all in Japanese, so I don't really know everything that the trailer is actually showing, but we do get some interesting bits of info. There's a very involved-looking menu system for equipping your character, and it looks like there's some variety in armors and armor placements.
There's also those glowing red swords, reminiscent of blood stains from the Souls games. There even seems to be a way of retrieving your stuff after a death - in the trailer the player character dies and we see him go back to a yellow, glowing wolf or fox-like being which he picks up.
Or maybe that wolf-fox-thing is some kind of temporary power boost? After picking it up, the player then unleashes what looks like a special move with that wolf, where his attacks become fiery and he dispatches four assailants virtually immediately.
Maybe that's an indication of how a potential magic system could work in this game?
Hard to say, really. What can be said is that this footage looks great. The environment, the combat, all of it looks stunning, and thankfully so after such a long development process.
This is definitely a game I'm going to be paying attention to. Tentative release dates don't exist more than a 2016 hope. So let's hope.
You can check out the full gameplay trailer below: