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Original Card & Tagged By: @PrettieeEmm Monsta X is still relatively new to me so I'm winging this. I listen to them sporadically, they haven't won me over completely yet. *smirks*

1. Met while Trainees

So we've known each other for a while
You better be prepared to work for it, I'm not one of those girls that suffers often from the green eyed monster.

3. Awkward with

That's not surprising, I'm awkward with everyone.

4. Broke your heart

Not an easy task, you must have done something spectacular.
I thought your goal was to make me jealous? Did that plan backfire on you?
Ahhhhh! Yup definitely backfired. I told you I'm not the jealous type.

7. Had a threesome with (pick twice)

I see that look Kihyun, looking like the cat who ate the canary & didn't get caught. I.M. you look nervous, no worries sweetheart, I only bite if you ask nice.

8. Wants you to call him daddy

A daddy kink huh? Sorry babe but you gotta earn it.

9. Asked you to be his gf

Looking for commitment are we? I can do that.
The threesome results always get me 😂☺