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It's time to celebrate our new community!!!

Since the YYH community is still very new, we need to get the party started!!! So here's a challenge to help us do our mingle and vingle thing. Check out the images below and if one of the prompts appeals to you please STEAL THEM to create a card of your own! It's that easy. ^_^
Check out the community --> HERE

We've got this everyone!!!

Of course you don't have to stick to these challenges, if you have your own ideas please share them and tag me!!! I just want to see this community go wild :D
PUU! This was one of my first animes that I watched as a kid. I don't think I ever finished it either. I need to re-watch this show, like right now lol.
@AdamDean omg I would watch that sequel heck yeah And that episode was sick!!!! Love it
Some fights I want to see are; Kuwabara vs. Sasagawa Ryohei (KHR). I don't even know why... I just feel it would be awesome. Yusuke being sent to assassinate Koro-Sensei, Yusuke and Hiei vs. Toriko and Zebra, also Yusuke (Sensui Arc, pre-mazuku) vs. Adult Gon). I'd also like a sequel with Keiko and Yusuke married, and with kids... and their kid would have some kind of romantic relationship with Kuwabara and Yukina's kid... kind of like Boruto and Sarada... and of course Yusuke and Kuwabara fight about that a lot. I think my favorite episode is 58... because it has my favorite moment... Hiei absorbing the Dragon of the Darkness Flame.
@LadyLuna same!!! I feel like it's time for a sequel @TambryInskeep omg yes a re-watch would be a great way to get people excited about the community!
This show is so awesome I really wish they would continue it!!!
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