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Hey you! Yeah you reading this. You should know if you're questioning this whole faith thing and believing it truly with your heart all in. Just know that I pray for clarity in your life and that you'll hear our father above when you call and that he truly impacts your heart's in radical ways. If he can change my heart of stone I had three years ago I know that he chance yours. You are special. You are loved. Even in your deepest pains and darkest hour. God makes no mistakes. Your life is precious and even if you've been mistreated or you felt like God took away everything from you. Just know that sometimes people or things get taken away from us because those moments in life is how God will lead you to the cross. Don't give up or give into the lies of the Devil. For he only kills steals and destroys.
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This is so sweet, and I kind of needed it today. Way to make some positivity! :)