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YouTube channel, A Dumb Thing (aptly titled because everything is a dumb thing), recently put out a video titled, The Joy of Mario Making. And it puts Bob Ross (or more clearly, an actor portraying Bob Ross because a lot of you like to be fucking sticklers about things people say on the Internet) at the position of Master Mario Maker Level Creator.
And honestly, it was one of the funnier videos I watched this morning. If you don't know who Bob Ross is, then this is probably your first day on the Internet (and if that's the case then Welcome!) or you're young and probably thinking that I'm some old jerk (and if that's the case, aren't you supposed to be in school? You nerd).
But whether or not you know who Bob Ross is, you'll soon find out in this video. There's a lot of "happy accidents" and a lot little jokes that reference the difficulty of some of these Mario Maker levels. It's a fun way to waste some time if you find yourself in a cubicle or a school library that lets you watch YouTubes.
Sometimes, the only thing that helps me get through the monotonous walk forward that is my weekday life is a funny video that appeals to me. And that makes me think -- as it should make all of you think -- that maybe without these distractions we wouldn't be able to get through our own monotonous walks forward.
Maybe if it wasn't for videos like these, or the Internet, or the way we design a "digital self" that contradicts or supplements our "actual self" we wouldn't really know how to function. What has the Internet done? And what have you done?
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This is a hilarious video! I love how he started calmly then made it a completely crazy level XD