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Why do people think comics are "for kids"?

Is it entitlement or just plain confusion?

While there's plenty of comics that are kid-oriented, I think we can all agree that some of them are really mature, and probably only of interest to older readers. The same is true of the movies and tv series based on them. I love Jessica Jones, but I wouldn't show it to a toddler! Yet after the outrage over Deadpool... I'm wondering why there are so many people out there who think all costumed superheroes belong firmly in the 'kids' genre. Anyone have ideas as to where this misconception comes from?
I never really got in to comics, but in France and Belgium adult comics are more popular than the kids ones apart from things like dupuis Game Over, for the moment I am reading Echo Terry Moord, it's in the Adult section of the local library! But I know in the UK and I expect in the USA adult comics are much less popular, and the main stream comics are for children or teens, so maybe thats where the misconception come from, it's a bit of a subculture which only those in to know about in some places, it's also something that is becoming more popular, and I would think that also has some bearing on the image they have, older people people remember the comics of their youth, and assume that it's the same to day!
I'm at Shield headquarters right now but you wasn't supposed to know that lol
@Captpeter Except that those characters haven't been written for kids for several decades now. They have been dealing with very adult concepts for a long time. Really, if my parents had taken the time to read just one issue of any of the comics I read, I probably wouldn't have been allowed to read any comics anymore. (Especially Tank Girl, The Crow, Spawn, or Witchblade)
let them think what they want ..I'm just going to sit there read my comics/ mangas ,watch my animes and enjoy my vita / PlayStation
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