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1,000 Days of BTS & ARMY!
Congratulations BTS and ARMY for 1000 Days together! This is sure a big event to celebrate for all ARMYs in Korea and all International ARMYs as well❤️ if you guys have Twitter, you can go onto their Twitter page @bts_twt, our Oppas have been anticipating for today since last night😊
Let's make this day memorable ARMY and celebrate our 1,000 day anniversary with BTS! Let's continue supporting our boys through everything and continue growing our fandom. Let's aim for 1,000 more days and beyond! BTS X ARMY❤️💛💚💙💜 Here are the links to the posts from our boys in Twitter: J-Hope's Tweet Rap Monster's Tweet J-Hope's Tweet J-Hope's Tweet Rap Monster's Tweet Rap Monster's Tweet Jimin's Tweet Rap Monster's Tweet Jimin's Tweet Jimin's Tweet
**Bonus** The maknae line teasing each other!😂❤️ V's Tweet Jimin's Tweet Credit to ARMYBASESUBS for always providing translations on Twitter and YouTube of BTS👏🏼