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HOLY CRAP. I barely have the words that describe what I'm feeling right now! I'm so happy how far bangtan has come, and how far the A.R.M.Y has come. We really do support our boys well, and I hope we continue to grow and develop into a fandom worth being apart of! The A.R.M.Y really is more than just a group of people enjoying the music BTS presents to us. Guys we are a family! We love our boys and they love us! It makes me a bit sad that I wasn't with BTS every since they've started. I feel inferior to many fellow A.R.M.Y's and truthfully I've only been an A.R.M.Y for about 9 months. BUT, in those 9 months BTS and this fandom has became like a second home to me. I was able to smile again because of the ridiculously funny and thoughtful things you all post, and how much I can relate to them. Not to mention, the beautiful music Bangtan spends months working on for US to continue to be happy; even for THEMSELVES to be happy. We have been through a lot, but I believe in the A.R.M.Y fandom that we can continue to do great things and support BTS with all of out hearts.
Thank you, to anyone who took the time to read my poorly written appreciation post on how much I love BTS and the fandom that they've created. WE STAND TOGETHER WITH BTS FOREVER AND ALWAYS!