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Growing up, I grew up with both farina and your usual cold cereals. My favorite? Captain Crunch. But whenever I had visited my abuela's house she'd either make me a warm creamy bowl of farina or oatmeal. I am not sure if farina is popular in Puerto Rican households, but it's definitely something I grew up with.
Which do you prefer?

A warm bowl of wheat farina


A sugary, cold bowl of crunchy thingsss

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Farina anyday
2 years ago·Reply
I rather ferina any day... but o also love day captain crunch. dont even need the milk. I went through a stage where it was my snack all the time.
2 years ago·Reply
Dude...cold cereal all day, everyday. And you just happened to choose my favorite cereal of all time. Cap'n Crunch!
2 years ago·Reply
Farina all the way!
2 years ago·Reply
Is farina like Grits? Looks like it.
2 years ago·Reply