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1st. look Is a messy bun with hair in your face. 2nd. look curled hair with hair straightener pulled back with a nice jeweled hairpiece. 3rd.Straightener hair with a little messy bun half way up. 4th.Hair is straight and sleek behind the ears here's a trick grab the first two pieces of your bangs and put it together with a little rubberband it stays all day and you can use it when you want all your hair down to one side without shaking your head all day to stay lol can you say OUCH headache?! lol 5th. Curled with a straightener and that's it. 6th. Straightened out! Simple as that.... All there are all the 6 easy ways but very nice looking.
The twisted crown....Get two parts of hair and twist them then place it up in a rubberband.
No Sweety, I wish but I do love all the nude colors however, I'm so glad you liked the card keep coming back but I do have over 30 cover girl lipsticks lol.@ HairConfetti
lol yeah will do hunny @HairConfetti
Well, 30 cover girl lipstick is definitely enough lol. I'm looking forward to more of your cards!
They're all great hairstyles for busy mornings! And omg do you own all those NYX lip gloss???!
I love the second one!