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Hey fellow Vinglers and Yu Yu Hakusho fans! I saw @shannonl5's card and decided to take on the "favorite episode challenge." This was actually really difficult because there are so many episodes to choose from and no shortage of awesome or heart-wrenching scenes. In the end, I settled on Episode 64 from season two. The Yusuke-Toguro fight was emotionally charged and a stunning conclusion to the Dark Tournament story arc. After Kuwabara's "death" in the previous episode at the hands of Toguro, Yusuke unleashes his maximum strength, finally managing to damage the demon. After an intense fight culminating in one final spirit gun, Toguro collapses from the stress of using too much power and dies, giving the win to Yusuke. With the most exciting part of one of the best fights in the show, this episode stands out for me as the best. I get an intense feeling of nostalgia looking back on this fight. How about all of you? Are there any episodes/fights that really tug on your heartstrings or fill you with nostalgia? I look forward to reading about your favorite episodes either in the comments or in other cards!
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Oh my goodness YES! The leadup to this was perfect. Just enough suspense that we all wanted to see it happen (without feeling like we were being strung along). I was so invested!