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Ok so this one was hard, there are a lot of awsome episodes in Yu Yu Hakusho. So after a lot of thinking, debating and soul searching.


I chose this episode, not for its action (because it doesn't really have any) but for its funny moments. Every time I watch this episode I can't help but laugh over and over agian.
takes place right after the dark tournament. Yusuke gets kidnapped and now his team has to save him, Kuwabara and Boton go to Kurama's school to find him. After finding Kurama the group now has to find Hiei which is no easy task. once the team is together they go to this creepy topsy-turvy mansion to save Yusuke. But before entering the house there is a warning posted to not say the word HOT, once inside they meet a classmate of Kurama's Yu Kaito. Yu also has powers of his own that allow his to set rules in his territory, two such rules are NO VIOLENCE and to not say the word HOT. Hiei ultimately loses his temper and says the word HOT and gets his soul taken.
Two little pieces to enjoy. :-D
here is the whole episode if your now dieing to see it, hope you enjoy it as much as I do.
awesome card!
I remember this one!! Great pick :D