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The first to take the hallyu wave to America. Very heartwarming family... wow black and white..heheheh amazing voices they have and talent. :)
No, I live in the East coast it's too far for me to attend. By the time KCON 2013 start, my first day of class would begin so sorry. But I did tell KCON on Facebook to maybe get the Kim Sister as guest of honor in the future (like maybe KCON 2014). They did like my suggestion and they thought it would be awesome for Sue and Mia to be guest of honor for KCON in the future have them tell their stories and have them share their thought on the current Hallyu and their thought on current K-pop group like what do they think of SNSD, Wonder Girls, Super Junior, SHINee, and I would like them to give the current K-pop group advice on how to break into the western market. I would like to ask them a question if any of their grandchildren listen to K-pop and have any desire to continue their grandmothers' legacy by becoming K-pop idols in the future. I also talked to someone on Facebook who said he worked at Hollywood and he said he wants Hollywood to team up with South Korea to make a film or a K-drama based on the Kim Sisters lives. You know if The Kim Sisters had a film (or K-drama) adaptation of their lives. I thought it would be cool to have some of our current K-pop idol to play as the Kim Sisters like my cast idea: SNSD's Sooyoung (I can also accept Yoona or Yuri, but their English concern me. Sooyoung speak conventional English) as Sue Wonder Girls Sunye as Mia Miss A's Suzy as A-ja I thought of having other Hallyu stars and Asian American actors into the film. Like I would love to see maybe 2PM's Taceyeon, SuJu's Siwon, and SHINee's Key to play as the Kim Brothers. I would like to get Grace Park (from Hawaii Five-O), Lee Byung Hun, Daniel Dae Kim, and cast of both Hallyu and Asian American Hollywood stars to do this.
@mikedo87 that would be cool. It is nice to get that perspective before the big hallyu wave. Are you going to KCON?
I wish we could have Sue and Mia (the 2 remaining Kim Sisters) to attend KCON as guest of honor. I want K-pop fans to know the early history of K-pop and that include the Kim Sisters. I want the K-pop fans to learn more from them, to even shed tears for the Sister. Also I want the Kim Sisters thought on the Hallyu/current K-pop explosion that is captivating the world. I want to hear their thought on current K-pop group like SNSD, Wonder Girls, and Super Junior.
Yes tks for sharing, @OnLyTiM3CaNt3Ll I do enjoy.
Yes, I am still learning and expanding. No problem. Sharing is caring especially with knowledge :)
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