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My favorite culinary account on YouTube is back with a new video!
For those unfamiliar with "The Food Surgeon," the evil genius concocts unique dishes in in the weirdest way possible. The talented chef uses surgical tools to create meals. Today The Food Surgeon Placed A Kit Kat Inside A 3 Musketeers Bar!
The Food Surgeon calls this masterpiece a “spinal KitKat implantation.”
The Food Surgeon removes the wrapper from a KitKat bar, and uses a scalpel to separate one of the smaller bars. Then he unwraps a 3 Musketeers bar, turns it over, and cuts out the bottom chocolate part. Then he takes out some of the nougat, then uses tweezers to carefully place the KitKat inside, and then covers the KitKat with the chocolate pieces that he previously removed.
Only the good lord knows how many outtakes this took to get the final product correct, but the final result looks AMAZING?

How much would you pay for one of his/her new creations?

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It's definitely fun to watch, but I'll pay nada