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Nancy Reagan, one of the most influential First Ladies, passed away at 94. During her husband's time in the White House, she work with several charity organizations. She changed the way we look at our First Lady, and was very involved in her husbands work.
Her and her relationship with her husband are even something that would consider a perfect pairing. "Nancy and Ronald Reagan were one of the great love stories of the American presidency," said Craig Shirley, Ronald Reagan biographer.
Even after her husbands death, Nancy Reagan worked with numerous charitable groups. She spent days visiting veterans, the elderly, and the emotionally and physically handicapped.
Nancy Reagan was named honorary president of the Girl Scouts as first lady. Nancy Reagan was born in New York City, and was an actress when she met the future president, Ronald Reagan.
She became known for her "Just Say No" program and campaign fighting against drug abuse among youth.
What an incredible and inspiring woman. But what an awesome legacy she left behind.

Which quote speaks you to you the most??

@nicolejb, oh my gosh yes!
SAME @1FallenAngel and even when other people put bad energy out, I try to remind myself it's not my job to put negative energy back. Justice will be served later on by the universe. lol
The first and second quotes for me. So true that I find my own strength in adversities. And I am a firm believer of karma, getting back what we give out.