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okay I have a problem I've loved shikamaru since the beginning but now I see vingle posts of him,everywhere and when I first downloaded this app three months ago I never saw him I,mean he is my wallpaper to so why now is he getting his recognition
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so I started watching naruto but then quit a little after I started watching Shippuden..but now I started from the beginning and I'm on episode 40 (yes I already know what happens and who dies..😭) but one of my all time FAVORITES is Garra. Man I love him, HE'S AMAZING.. now I'm gonna make a Garra card
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nice I found this amazing gaara living room I'll,post it @Yatosgirl
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@TBird thanks!😀
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ive always liked shikamaru in naruto. i liked how he always plans ahead.
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Shikamaru has always been my favorite ever since the first episode of naruto.
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