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I'm curious
whats your favourite not Mainstream anime ? and this applies to all genres so saying something like "koichoua maid sama" is still mainstream in the shoujo/romance community. answer in the comments
Mines is Kodocha. Would reccomend if you like childish comedy, and romance (though the main character is as dense as ever) put an energetic girl and an apathetic guy together and what do you get ? Comedy, drama, romance, shoujo Sana Kurata has a charmed life. Not only is her mother a famous, award-winning writer, but she's the star of the hit TV comedy "Child's Toy" while still in the fifth grade. But Sana's biggest concern is Akito Hayama, a pint-sized hellion who's organized the boys in their grade-school class into a mass of unending noise and violence. With the help of Rei, her manager, chauffeur and "pimp," Sana is determined to win back control of the classroom from her new arch-enemy. But as her crusade continues, Sana moves further into Akito's life, and finds that he might not be entirely bad...or entirely safe
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@CreeTheOtaku there's a persona 4 animation whaaa o.0
2 years ago·Reply
@supbroscene yep it's on kissanime if you want to watch it
2 years ago·Reply
just finished yona of the dawn and its my favorite atm
2 years ago·Reply
Crome shielded regions is definitely one of my favorite.
2 years ago·Reply
I think mine is Trinity blood.
2 years ago·Reply