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So I have decided to do two of @shannonl5 challenges, because I just couldn't help myself :-D.
I would love to see Yusuke and keiko get married along with Kuwabara and yukina. everyone going on with their lives and having kids, trying to be "normal". Everyone still hangs out and it's like one big family, but something happens (the world is in danger agian) and everyone is thrown into it even the kids. Getting to see the kids beat their parents, and seeing the old team back in action.
@RobinCullenBlac I can see her being tomboyish, but more like Keiko tomboyish... but brash and reckless like her dad.
@AdamDean I feel like if yusuke had a daughter she would be a Tom boy and be more like yusuke in personalty
@shannonl5 I'd really want Kuwabara to be the one with a daughter, since he is more gentle... but the idea of Yusuke having a girl that looks just like Keiko is cute too.
I would love to see Yusuke's son/daughter become the new Spirit Detective and be just like Yusuke and get Kurama, Hiei and Kuwabara's kid together on a team. And Kuwabara's kid and Yusuke's would be romantically involved, like Boruto and Sarada, and of course Yusuke and Kuwabara would argue over it, while Keiko and Yukina would quietly egg them on together.
haha I love it! Glad my challenge was so fun ^_^ @AdamDean I'm so for that!!