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This adorable, chubby raccoon will definitely make your day — I mean look at that belly! It's time to add some more fluff and cuteness to your Vingle life.

Meet Pang Fu, the chubby raccoon!

Pang Fu lives in Singapore and is very famous.

It turns out that raccoons may have just as much trouble keeping off the pounds as us humans. Pang Fu lives in Singapore with his owner, and the first thing you may notice about him is that he is a little larger than the wild raccoons you see outside. Pang Fu has more than 67,000 likes on his Facebook page.

Pang Fu is trying to lose weight.

Many of Pang Fu's fans have commented on the fact that his larger size and weight may not be healthy. Don't worry fans! Pang Fu is currently in the process of trying to lose weight. He currently weighs about 33 pounds, but is working hard to shed some pounds, according to his owner.
Watch this adorable video to see Pang Fu in action.

Here's to hoping that Pang Fu stays cute and reaches his weight goal!

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More like Muffin Raccoon to me. *dramatic background music*
GOOD LUCK, RACCOON. He's massive! But hopefully, he'll be able to lose weight quickly!
@atmi I know, how adorable is that guy?!?! If you look at his Facebook page, his owner will post some videos of him eating vegetables and stuff. He is so freaking adorable!
oh my.. he so..cute and fat! what foods he eat? he look happy as long as he don't have health problems I want to hug that raccoon! aww