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Imagine it. Just you, a beat-up old Volkswagon bus, and the open road in front of you. The freedom of traveling on your own accord. The release of fresh air whipping past your open windows.
Ah, the road trip, most iconic of all American dreams.
How would any road trip be complete without a gang of awesome friends with you?

That's where this challenge comes in.

I challenge everyone who sees this to make a card.

One of you could make it as the recommended card on the community page!

Talk about your ideal anime road trip.

Tag me in the card so I can clip it to this collection too!
- What is the destination? (Real, Anime, anything!)
- Why are you going there?
- What anime characters are you taking with you? (Maximum of 5)
- Where will you stop on the way?
@CraigNess absolutely! the people should be, that's what makes it an anime road trip!
@InVinsybll Yay 馃槅馃槃 cant wait for you to see it then!
@AimeBolanos well consider it open to being a boat trip too!
clipping this for later so hopefully I don't forget!
@InVinsybll okay I'll try to think it's so hard
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