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So the reason why I never gave up and followed GOT7 is because I got into GOT7 like around when their hit song, "A" came out on June 22, 2014. Just about 2 years ago. I remember watching the M/V and got that feeling of love and hope. Like, During that time, I was going through a lot of things like depression and I had a lot of anxiety then and I still do. But I remember that day, I was in deep pain and sadness that I was crying and I had really bad thoughts but until I was listening to SHINee and I was scrolling through of FaceBook to see there was an article about GOT7's new song called, "A"
I was bored so I decided to just watch it and I instantly fell in love with it and I'm glad I found that song and that group because they're just so happy and such flower boys. After the video I immediately watch their other videos and tried to get to know each member seperately. It took me about 3 days to remember each members names and be able to tell who is who. But eventually, 3 years later they still make me just as happy with Just Right and If You Do as much as their other songs which I love.
Thank you all for reading this little paragraph! Have a great day :D
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Honestly, I kept following them because....I don't know. I think it was due to GOT7 being the 'little brothers' of 2PM. I'm a die hard HOTTEST, and the 2PM guys like and supported Got7.