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St. Paddys day is my favorite holiday of the year. I always wear a green tutu, drink aggressively and challenge any person in a kilt to an irish dance competition.
So obviously to keep me in the spirit my drinks have to be just as festive!

Introducing skittle vodka!!

Its so bright, so tasty, and seriously does some damage.


1. Separate the skittles by color. Use 1 lb bag!
2. Take two 1.75 liter bottles of vodka and add the skittles in each bottle!
3. Add vodka and shake up!
4. Let sit for a day and then strain the left over skittle particles. I used a coffee filter!
5. Shake up and DRINK!
I like it straight up, but mixing with sprite tastes awesome AND keeps the color looking perfect for St. Paddys Day!
I think my liver rotted out of my body just reading this
@InVinsybll yeah I ended up yakking aggressively in a funeral home ... Not my proudest moment butttt it tasted delishhhhhhhh ... The drink not the yak
i need a lot of vodka to convince me to wear a green tutu. I hope this skittle vodka concoction taste good, else I just wasted a good bottle of vodka...
this right here tho 💯🍻