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You see that face? You see Fiona's look of eternal desperation, that haunting sadness that only a girl who's been forced into parenthood her whole life could ever experience? Well that has basically been Fiona's go-to expression for the last two seasons or so of the US Shameless.
And it's killing me.
I have watched Shameless since it's second season, and I've been a fan ever since I laid my eyes on the beautiful train wreck that is the Gallagher clan. They've had their highs and lows, but the highs have been jovial and funny and sunlit. The lows were tolerable.
The past few seasons have really stressed how lows the lows can be for the Gallaghers. They've seen the worst of times come to pass, between incarcerations, evictions, and child endangerment. This season has been a tumultuous one, and it seems like the Gallaghers just can't catch a break. Ever.
Except Frank, of course, who really stands for the adage that only the good die young. Him, with his rotten old body and south-pointing moral compass, has been having a rip-roaring go of things. Gets himself a new liver and a pretty girl (even if it's short lived). Now he's shacking up with a dynamo from his past - Sammy's mother.
As of the writing of this card, I'm a week behind in episodes, so hopefully, HOPEFULLY, the Gallaghers have caught a break in the mean time. Though I seriously doubt it.
Even with all of the misery that seems constantly stacked against the Gallaghers, the absolute saddest part of this season (and really a contender for saddest part of the whole series) has to be Nick's story.
Without spoiling anything, Nick has had a really rough go of things, spending most of his life in juvenile detention. That's where he met Carl and struck up a fast friendship. Nick seems to be making progress in life, getting ready to put his past behind him.
But some things inside a person are impossible to fix. And the saddest part of all that is the way Nick somehow understands that in himself, too.
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