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Let there be を
So ladies and gentlemen we have reached the last of the few.
わ | を | ん
わ : as in Water
を : as in Woah (I will explain this one later on )
ん : as in Hen
Easy Ways To Remember Them
わ looks like a whale
ん literally looks like a cursive N
を is another one of the Japanese particles that I previously mentioned

Target + を+ Action (verb)

It's used as a particle
を indicates the direct object of the sentence or the target of action
I eat
私は たべます
I eat
Often it's just pronounced as (oh)
私 「わたし」: I, Myself, Me
可愛い「かわいい」: Cute
女「おんな] : Woman
公園「こうえん」: Park
ありがとうございます! Thank you!
Well everyone that's it for the Hiragana lessons but it's not over yet, there is waaayy more to go over, see you next time!
Feel free to message me if you're confused, don't understand something or need help (≧◡≦)