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It doesn't go well. That's what happens when a dog gets behind the wheel. If you feel like you had a bad day, I promise reading this story will make you happy that you are not this dog or his owner.

Dog driving a truck.

In Minnesota, customers at a Kwik Trip reported seeing a semi-truck being driven by a golden Labrador retriever and the truck then crashed near the gas station. Apparently, the truck was idling and in gear at a trailer parking lot. The truck then went through the parking lot, across the street and over a curb. A passerby hopped into the truck in hopes of stopping the truck and found a dog sitting in the driver's seat. Luckily, no one was hurt.

Moral of the story: dogs don't make great drivers.

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Oh wow that's nuts!!! Thank goodness everyone is alright (including the dog!0
Oh my gosh he looks so sad with his head outside of the truck :( poor things probably didn't know what was going on!!