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My dear friends, I am sorry to say this but I have to:
Just a few days ago until now I have been involved in drama, mostly with friend vs. friend, friend vs. self and friend vs. person. I had to deal with break ups and secrets and truths and sacrafices and rumors and I got me very annoyed and stressed to the point where I left school in a car instead of the bus because I didn't want to be around people. It has also let me to leave school an hour and 20 minutes before the middle of 8th period class because I just wanted to leave cuz I didn't want to be there and I just wanted some time alone.
Additionaly, today at the last bell of school I receive a text from my now ex-boyfriend saying that if I had a crush on someone else and that really got me pissed cuz that was the second time we argued about it and I just flipped out and sended him a very long paragraph. Then my friend lailar found out about the argument because she likes to look at my phone a lot (almost like my mom). She told him that I wanted to break up because I really wanted to say it to him but I didn't have the courage to as I have high anxiety. He then starts to be very emotional and says that he wants me back but really I don't want it because he doesn't trust me enough for us to even last. And that fact that he was being like that only after 3 months of dating is pretty immature and annoying. He said he didn't want to break up and I just kept it real and apologized but I didn't want him back. Then his friend who is also my girl-friend got in it because she's his best friend and realy cares about him and I have a feeling that she's gonna start ingnoring me now because of what I did. She said I'm not ready for a relationship and I guess I'm not. I'm too young and immature. And I really don't want to deal with all this fucking drama and shit like I just want to fucking die and go away like I want to go somewhere really far way and just cry my heads out until I cant feel my face anymore. I'm sorry
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You will always have everyone here for support. And I've been through enough breakups and drama to know that it will get better. Stay strong and don't forget to keep your head up!
@UnnieCakesAli okay that girl Need to mind her own god damn fucking business this really piss me off that she act like she even part of it your friend also should have said shit no offense you two need to seat down and talk it out and in a relationship there need to be trust and if he keeps ask if your crushing on someone it's most likely he has low self esteem and you guys should have talk face to face alone you should never involved anyone because they only make it worse I also went through a awful break up I was with that person for 3 years and at first it was great but he lost trust in me and he started lying I couldn't trust him an he was an totally as but I had feeling for him that I keep going back to him until I finally open my eyes an realize I'm only running around in circles and nothi ng will change if I stay in that relationship and if you don't feel like you don't want to get back you shouldn't it doesn't mean you didn't have feeling it means you just don't have enough time to waste on someone who only plays games
it's going to be hard the heart break and the betrayal but your not alone we here for you and Especially me if you need advice or just someone to rant to I'm here I was known to be the helper in my friend group also the mother because I always took care of everyone and when someone seem down I'll always be there
I am so sorry I am here for you
@UnnieCakesAli I send you a private..fighting! ! sweetie. .the Team is here for you..