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Crushing On: Suga Crushed On: V Bestie: Rap Monster Enemy: Jin Bully: Jimin Smoochy Hero: Jin Let's see how angsty I can get with this *Trigger warning for my lovelies, just in case ☆ Angst?
"You're staring again." NamJoon's hot breath rolled across your ear, causing a chill to travel down your spine and make you jump. "Shut it." You practically shoved your head inside the small locker, hiding the growing blush. Yes, you were staring but honestly who wouldn't stare at the beautiful being that was Min YoonGi. He had talent and looks and just an aura to him that screamed 'Likable'. He was just a pleasant human being and yet could be biggest prick if you rubbed him wrong. Not that anyone would, he was a chaebol from a very powerful family. Everyone wanted to be on his good side and often made business alliances rather than friendships. That's the way it was with many of the student's here, everyone was just buddy-buddy for the sake of business. "Jimin is right behind him." You whispered after sneaking another glance at YoonGi. The orange haired boy came sauntering in behind YoonGi. His face carried a bored expression, as if it was bothersome to even be here. Some boys nearby greeted him and he gave them a simple nod. YoonGi reached you, stopping to greet NamJoon. You tried hiding behind the tall boy, not wanting to let him see you after the rough morning you've had. NamJoon and YoonGi joked around for a moment, talking about something that happened the day before. "Oh, Y/N, why are you hiding back there?" YoonGi had spotted you and made it a point to lean around NamJoon. "Good morning, YoonGi." You gave him a small wave and cracked a smile. That smile faded all to quickly though. YoonGi and NamJoon sucked back into conversation, something about flying out of the country soon. You were tentatively listening, unsure if you should even hang around them. Then, Jimin walked by and gave you a knowing smirk. A bully, that's all he was and most kids here acted like they didn't see it. Didn't see the days where he dumped drinks or food on you, the days where he pushed you or even the days when he broke your things. Every year a family sponsored a less fortunate student until graduation. There were four in the school's books at the moment, you being on of them. NamJoon's family was sponsoring your schooling, your father being a long term employee at their company. - "Want me to bring you home today?" NamJoon called your attention, the day coming to an end. "Last time you drove me home, my neighbors didn't stop questioning me for a month." Shifting the bag on your shoulder, you peered up at the tall boy. "I'd let it go but it seems everytime I let you walk by yourself, Jimin gets a hold of you." "H-how'd you know?" You shifted on your feet. "You facetimed me this morning and your hair was fixed. When you got here, your hair was half wet and pulled up." "I'd just woken up and hadn't showered yet." The excuse flew off you tongue without thought. "Nice try. There's flour on your shoe and your backpack strap is ripped." He chuckled when your eyes grew wide and you jerked the bag off your shoulder to inspect it. Sure enough the seam was pulled out. With little effort, the strap could break completely. Looking down at your shoe, a thin layer of flour still covered the side. "How did you even notice that?" "Wanna know the truth?" He raised his brow at you. "Go for it JoonBug." You raced at him and started walking. He stayed close to you taking his time. "TaeHyung punched him in one of the classes today." You nearly tripped up but NamJoon steadied you with a laugh ",Every one is fine but when I asked about it, it seems Jimin was bragging about his act before school." "Tae punched him?" "Really funny scene. Really Y/N have boys fight over you more." Another voice chimmed in on your conversation. Jin, the biggest jerk in your class. He was always trying one up you on every thing. Whether it be at school or at home. Jin was student number two on a sponsorship. "Go away. Your input isn't needed here." You glared at him, a rightfully declared enemy. "Whatever you say." Jin smirked and turned to walk away "Oh would you look at that." "What?" You spoke without meaning to. "TaeHyung!" Jin waved happily at the boy who'd turned the corner. "Y/N said she'd love for you to walk her home." You scrambled to cover his mouth. "Don't encourage him." You whispered harshly in Jin's ear having covered his mouth but it was all to late. TaeHyung came bounding over to the three of you standing there. He swiftly took your bag away, his boxy grin shining. NamJoon was snickering, loving your silent pleas. Jin was covering his mouth, trying hard to hold the laughter back. - "You don't have to walk me home. I'm perfectly capable of doing it alone." You argued with him for umpteenth time. "Jin stop snickering. Don't you have a club or something today." "I got it Y/N. I like carrying your bag, it's what you do for girls." TaeHyung walked a few steps ahead, zoning out again with a smile on his face. "Not enjoying your walk home?" He was next to you, keeping pace. "If you wanted to walk home with me so badly, all you had to do was ask. Not bring the poor boys feelings into this." "I-Whatever. Just try not to come near my door when you kiss him goodbye." With that Jin jogged off towards the apartments, leaving you without another word in edge wise.
You smiled at the letter in hand, waiting in the back hallway. It had been shoved into your bag, the corner sticking out enough to have caught your eye. It was a pale yellow with your name scribbled across in cursve. It was signed from YoonGi and it told you to meet him in the hallway of eastwing. He wanted to tell you something important and needed to see you after school. So there you stood waiting for your crush to show up. Giddy and bubbling, your stomach in a whirlwind. "She actually showed." The voice sent chills down your spine and your chest seized with knowing. Standing there were three boys, their leader standing in the middle with an evil smirk across his face. "Jimin..." His name was a breath, whispered and shallow. The berating and beating started. They cornered you and grabbed your ponytail, jerking it violently. Your face made contact with the row of unused lockers and your ankle twisted when they stepped on your leg. There was name calling, slurs, and cursing. "Jot bab." One of the boys spit at you while the other shoved your head into the locker again. Jimin stood back, watching as they pushed you around. You were sure that your face would be bruised, your body the same. Your bag strap was ripped and it had fallin a few feet away. "Hey!" Someone yelled out as your head connected with the locker once again. The three boys scattered, tripping over themselves to get away. They'd been caught in the act. The trio were long gone by the time your hero made it to you. "Geezus Y/N." The person tenderly touched the growing bump on your face. "Why didn't you tell me it had gotten this bad?" There was a handkerchief pressed to your head, probably to put pressure to whatever may be bleeding. "That hurts." You hissed when he applied more pressure. Finally you looked up at the person. "Jin?" "NamJoon and YoonGi are looking for you in the other wings." Jin helped you to stand. After a short argument, Jin held you to against his back. You clung to him with whatever strength you had. Your hands around his shoulders, fists knoted to the front of his shirt. With your face pressed to the crook of his neck, tears spilled. - It had been a month since the attack in the hallway. The boys never left you alone after that. No matter where you went, one of your friends was only a few steps behind. Jin was adamant when it came to making sure you were always safe. Jimin and his gang received no punishment, hardly a talking to. It left a sour taste in your mouth but you held your tongue. You didn't need any lashback, much less some rumor to spread. "Are you going to allow me any peace?" You called the question over your shoulder. "Not until you're home, safe and sound." Jin answered and jogged to close the gap between your paces. "I can get home just fine. I don't need a babysitter." "You see what happened last time you went off alone?" He touched the scar hidden at the edge of your hairline ",I'm not letting that happen again." You huffed and climbed the first set of stairs, looking back to watch Jin taking them two at a time. When he looked away you saw a chance and took off up the next flight. Running up each set of stairs until you reached the right floor. Just six more turns in the old apartment building and you'd be at your home. "Y/N!" You heard Jin calling out your name but you didn't look back. A moment of peace, a moment of silence. You wanted a single moment when someone wasn't tailing you or holding your things. They were so kind to make sure nothing happened but you could never leave home without an escort. Two more turns. "Y/N!" Your arm was jerked and you were tugged into a deadend. "What's wrong? Why did you run?" "Let go!" You shoved him "You don't get it Jin! I just want to be alone! I want to be able to leave my house or walk home by myself. I want to be able to shop or even take a walk in the park without an escort. I feel like a child!" "I can't let the girl I love get hurt again!" He was huffing, between running and shouting, he was out of breath. Silence filled the deadend hallway. You stared at the older not with wide eyes, unsure of what to say. Jin paced around, running his hands through his hair and loosing his composure. "How do you think it makes me feel to see you get hurt? To be bullied and not be able to do anything about it? I just want you safe and you're making it really hard." "Jin, I can't." You moved to walk away but Jin quickly pinned you. His lips were warm against your own, molding perfectly to yours. His body pressed to yours and you have in. An enemy no more.
How was it my lovelies? Got all my insults here
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Oh my I loved it! :)
that was gooooooood
I loved it
This story is amazing I love the ending how Jin kissed her and now he's not the enemy anymore it's just magnificent 💖💖💗💝💜💜
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