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~Jackson's POV~ I find myself, beating up and laying in bed...i see someone with a nurse unifrom "Excuse me, where am i?" i ask... a small figure comes near me and smiles a little "You're in the nurse's office, Jackson what happened? you were found bleeding, and laying in front of the gate" the nurse asked "Nothing, it's nothing...i didn't have that much sleep last night" i say as i rub my eyes "Can I stay here until school is over?" I ask. She chuckles and says "Not until school's over..but until you feel better" then she left...If he knew about it...he'll kill me... ~Tanny's POV~ I run the laps and walked back to class...i look for Steff..the chair next to her is taken...i see an empty chair. I took a deep breath and said "Annyeong! I'm Tanny..nice meeting you!" she looks at me as she said quietly "Aseel, nice meeting you too" then she looked away and pluged her headphones in....i start to think about that guy....he seems fimiliar... ~Steff's POV~ Aissh this guy is so annoying....what was his name again? Yug-something...."Excuse me, restroom" i said as i started walking again "Ah ok" he said as he blushed....cute..Wait..what?! No! While i was doing my buisness i heard these girls talk about Yug-something...I started listening in "What is wrong with Yugyeom?" ahh so his name was Yugyeom..."Did that b****h cast a spell on him or something?!" I walk out and started washing my hands "I didn't do anything to your desr Yugyeomie...he talked to me" i said while drying my hands with a tissue..."This is your first warning! if you come closer to Yugyeom again...then you're dead!" they said as they pushed me away....great....i made enemies in my first day.... Meanwhile ~? POV~ Where is Jackson? I told him i'll wait for him...He is probably skiping again...I walk to the rooftop and text him "Jackson...where are you? you're taking so long...Are you skiping again?" i sigh and wait for him to reply... Lunch Time ~Tanny's POV~ I walk over to Steff...I saw her sitting there while this guy with blonde hair is talking..."Steff" I said..She turned around and said to the guy *Well bye for now" as she faked a smile toward him "umm can I walk with you to the cafteria? My hyungs are waiting for me, jebal?" He said looking like he's about to cry "Fine" Steff said and we started walking... ~Steff's POV~ Why does he keep sticking to me? i want to talk to Tanny ALONE...I couldn't say no to him...i think while i sigh..i looked and it seems that Yugyeom already introduced himself to Tanny...When we reached the cafteria..he invited us to stay but we just waved good bye and left... ~Yugyeom's POV~ Steff is cute...i blush as i think of how amazing it would be dating her...I walk to my hyungs and notice that Jackson hyung isn't there..."Umm hyung, where is Jackson hyung?" i asked but no body knows.. ~Jackson's POV~ I look at my phone...ah lunch started...I haven't eaten anything yet...maybe i should go and see him...he'll be mad for sure...I think as i started walking to the cafteria..then i changed my way to the rooftop..he is probably there... ~? POV~ What is taking Jackson so long? lunch just started i think as i sigh..then i hear the door opening... Meanwhile ~Tanny's POV~ Steff been sighing the whole entire time...I told her everything in detail but she said that an amazing guy wouldn't be in our school..."But he was wearing our school's uniform!" I protested...She sighed again...I wonder what's wrong with her.."What's wrong? did something happen?" i said "Umm...some girls asked me to stay away from Yugyeom..." she said as she sighed and i sigh with her...thinking about that guy...Omg i know his name...Jackson Wang... i think of him and giggle... ~Aseel's POV~ I walk to the rooftop to eat lunch there...I look and a guy was already there..."Umm excuse me, can i stay here till lunch is over?" i said as quietly as possible. He nods...i guess it's ok. After i finished eating i lay down and plug my headphones in my ears...i look at the sky "So peacefull" I said "Yeah" I heard him say. I heard the door opening and another guy came in..."You took so long, what happened Jackson?" the guy behind me said "Mark I'm sorry" the guy called Jackson said as he came closer to Mark...I guess they're gay...i try to walk out quietly as possible but Mark said "See you tommorrow?" i nod and walked away to the cafteria.

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