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Anyone who knows anything about food culture knows that pizza is an item claimed by Italians.
Over the course of time, people from different nationalities have stepped in and tried to take claim of the dish by presenting slight different variations of the item.
I guess the good people of Italy have had enough and decided to demand rights to claim pizza.. at the United Nations!
According to the Guardian, the United Nations’ cultural body, UNESCO has already unanimously confirmed Neapolitan pizza’s candidacy for the list.
Italy has the support of people as well, as 850,000 people around the world also signed a petition in support of this.
Despite that fact, many claim the new additions to the product are what has allowed Pizza to gain the acclaim it has around the world.

So, who really has claim to Pizza: The first who made it, or the people who made it popular?

I suddenly want pizza.
agree with you @JamiMilsap
If you think of "Italian Food" what do you think of? Pizza and pasta dishes right? So even if others have added popularity to the dish, it still says Italy to me!