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I Do Not Support Dick Pics, But I Support This

The American people have spoken.

Donald Trump, your time is now.


"If you have a little acorn of a weiner that would have been fine, but you promised America more."

Have a good day everyone.

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If 'The Internet 2016' was in the encyclopedia, a video like this would probably be the definition..
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I think we see enough of Trump or sorry his real name Drumpf is it, that we don't really need to see him here as well, but that is just my opinion. Please respect that, and I'll respect your opinion to disagree.
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I have no patience or sense of humor when it comes to this man, because frankly him and those like him scare the hell out of me. It scares me that so many (including the kkk) follower this manipulator. He could easily be another Hitlet.
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@JackieMurrayCab no i definitely get what you're saying. in the beginning of this whole thin gi refused to even acknowledge his running. I do think though that making these parodies more well known will help people realize how ridiculous (and scary!!!) this man is and will inspire people to get out and VOTE so this imbecile doesn't get passed the primaries.
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