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Ever since it was discovered that Tao would be inheriting several billion dollars (in USD) from his father, media outlets in both Korea and China were busy making headlines about the inheritance.  Though some people speculated that Tao was born into an affluent household, no one--except for those close to him--knew just how rich he was, especially because Tao never directly mentioned it. However, now that the entire world knows about his well-off background, it seems he is less hesitant about posting about his prosperity on social media.  The singer uploaded a picture of his posh home on his Instagram recently which show him lying down on the floor of an upscale spacious room with the caption, "Home sweet home. It's time for me to rest." According to a report by Sina, Tao is lying in what is his very own space in LA.  When Korean media outlets picked up on this news and reported on it, netizens were say the least. Many of them left derisive, sarcastic comments, writing, "He doesn't leave a good impression. He's a guy but his no make-up face seems like it will suck ass. I bet his dark circles are terrible," "Jjanggae(derogatory, offensive term Koreans use to call ethnically Chinese people)bastard. After you leave EXO you're busy showing off your inheritance?! What does it matter if you hold a black belt in martial arts?! Are you kidding me you can't even do tumbling better than an elementary school student! Typical ethnic jjanggae," "So he has a lot of money huh. He looks like he doesn't," "Kekekekekekeke to think this little shit left for the bizarre reason of not getting paid," and, "He looks like he doesn't listen [to anyone] for shit." 
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Same with friend actually got back from china and is really deep in the exo fandom there. She says that everyone in China hates Tao. Basically, he left SM in a really shady way while Kris and Luhan did it a much better way. Tao tried to trick SM out some extra money and then sue them in China but it backfired, he lost the case, and the Chinese government fined him for trying to mess with SM the way he did because it wasnt morally right.
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@kpopandkimchi I agree with you and @LunaCordero kind of, I think. It's fine to call him out on his behavior regarding SM but not so much to use offensive/derogatory terms. He's always kind of reminded me of some rich, spoiled boys I had to deal with as a teen (the "I'm rich so I'm special and I get what I want" types) and loathed.
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i like his songs but i dont follow the news around him. him leaving exo was sad and hard but what he does is up to him. He has to live with it and face the consequences.
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this honestly pisses me off. Ur gonna get mad at him bc he stopped hiding his wealth?? wat about idols like gdragon, top, cl?? is it different bc they're in YG? they show off their wealth too. and as far as I knew, he didn't leave bc of not getting paid enough, he left just like the others, his injuries were being left untreated
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@FalseLove Exactly what I was thinking
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