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A photo of Onew and Minho using “manner legs” has recently been a topic of interest online. On May 31, SHINee‘s Onew, Key and Minho made guest appearance on Tooniverse‘s “Nangam School.” During the recording of the show, Onew and Minho bent their knees or spread their legs apart to accommodate the height of the younger cast members. In the photo, the boys are caught receiving a bonk on the head for losing a game. The two members were praised by viewers for their consideration for the younger kids on the show and were added to the growing list of male celebrities who have lately shown “manner legs.” According to photos circulating the web, any male celebrity who accommodates a female celebrity or staff member height-wise is considered to have “manner legs.” Hehe they are cute!! Onew is really growing on me with his cute smile... ahhh... Btw, if you wanna watch their 'manner legs' cut, the link is here:
of course shinee is the best! @chasinghapiness onew is a total sweetheart. hope you will come to like him more haha.
luv minho oppa
min ho And onew are really cute kids in my eyes..