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I know I'm a little late on this challenge, but I really wanted to jump in and get involved in this awesome event! You can check it out <<HERE>>
Thanks to @alywoah for initiating it, and for pushing us to Make March Better!!
As a newbie to Yoga and meditation practices, I'd like to focus more on my journey through that with this challenge! Here goes!

Here are my goals!!!

1. Yoga workout 4 times a week!
I've been really good already this month at setting my morning right, doing my yoga practice in my room before I even do anything in my day. But if I miss getting out of bed, I'm screwed for the rest of the day. My goal is to stop hitting snooze and get off my ass and onto my mat!
2. Drink 3 16-oz bottles of water a day!
Ok, this one sounds really easy, but I really struggling with dehydration and reminding myself to DRINK MORE (water, lol). I feel more full when I'm hydrated and happy, but I always forget to bring a water bottle. I'm going to try to drink one water bottle (reusable of course) in the morning before work, then two more throughout the day!
I recently started a meditation practice, and this I found has even given me more focus to get my work done, and even be more active in the evening! My goal is to meditate 1-2 times per day. With this, I think it'll help motivate me to move even in the evening.

~ Tagging people that I hope can help motivate me! ~

Wish me luck!!

@1FallenAngel WE CAN HELP EACH OTHER THIS IS PERFECT!! haha I also do it in my room so it's at my own pace and everything!! keep me updated on your adventure!
WooooT yayyyyy!!!!!!! Thanks for doing the challenge. Those seems like solid goals!
I'm def down to motivate with some positive words!!!
This is awesome! I too, do yoga in my room but at night. Even if I'm away, I take my yoga mat with me. I love meditating! It's my mind vacation during my lunch break and before I go to sleep. I do need to drink more water though during the day. Lol this seems to be what we're both struggling with @nicolejb! 😅
@nicolejb, you can do this!! i have faith in you! Water is really important. Drink a glass as soon as you wake up and you will feel a major difference as time goes on.
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