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@YinofYang @cheerfulcallie @blairwitme @neaa @Reyam @kristenadams @oj1992 @matineeidle Meet David Tennant, he's perfect! he's Doctor Who AND he's also in Harry Potter! can't get any better than that! XD
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@shoenami I agree. Your husband must have tons of wit to win you over! You be a broken record and tell him our dear shoenami never anyhow pick you know ! : ))
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@oj1992 exactly! Lol you girl, should also pick a smart guy okay? You need someone smart enough to match your awesome wits!
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Hahaha! I just realized this. He did such an awesome job as Barty Crouch Jr. He's a great actor,^^
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@Saravy definitely... ahhh love him so much XD
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XD Shinigami-Sama!!
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