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Netizens criticize EXO member Chanyeol for his immature behavior in public With so many cameras and eyes focused on idols in the K-pop industry, all idols must be cautious whatever they do in public. But did the netizens discover an immature act of a famous male idol? Originally posted on Pann, netizens criticize EXO Chanyeol for his alleged immature behavior in public. Titled “Why No One Saying Anything Regarding EXO Chanyeol’s Instagram Post?” here is the direct translation of the post and comments below. Translation:  Chanyeol: “Thank you for such great award EXO-L” Fan: “I’m going to doodle too!!!” “I know that fans must appreciate the idol’s love towards fans whenever they do this but I think they should refrain from doodling in public places like this. What gives him the right to doodle here? Why is he advocating doodling in public. I didn’t think much of many posts about EXO members but I don’t expect smartness out of them… I’m just disappointed that he is lower than what I thought he was.” "To be honest, that is such rude action hahaha He is mindless since there are many young fans who would see that on his Instagram and doodle next to what he wrote hoping that he will see it hahahahahahahaha Park Chanyeol needs to quit Instagram hahahahahaha It doesn’t help him at all" "Chanyeol’s brain is just plain" "Still better than Baekhyun!" "Look at how he hits leader hyung"
Oy vey, I think people are over reeacting BIG TIME
its a doodle, the fuck every one does it, you gunna take something he has been doing since a child, everyone doodles still.
what so he doodled and people got mad at him for it? people are too much.
what exactly did he do wrong? he was being himself, and let's be honest everyone does that. it's not like he did anything inappropriate! And let him be himself! These ppl need to stop trying to make idols act like something they're not! stop trying to twist their actions into something they're not. goodness *rant over
get a life like over a damn doodle like omf
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