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Michael Phelps, the most decorated Olympian of all time, is making his fifth Olympic appearance this year in the 2016 Rio Olympics. Even though he may be the greatest swimmer of all-time, it's not easy swimming competitively when you're thirty years old.

But once again, it's Michael Phelps we are talking about. The man knows no limits.

Despite his illustrious career in swimming, Phelps got in trouble several times due to drugs and alcohol. And after he received his second DUI and went through a 45-day rehab period in 2015, he vowed that he would not take a sip of alcohol until the 2016 Olympics were over. And he has kept his promise and is looking better than ever as he gets ready for Rio.
During an interview last weekend, Phelps said,
"Not having a drink for over a year-and-a-half, it's incredible. It's not only my body -- on a lot of different levels. It's been amazing. I can really tell the difference with my body, sort of not carrying that weight on my back."

And this is why I have huge expectations for one of my favorite athletes of all time.

Michael might not be the same Michael he was eight years ago when he won those nine gold medals. But just by standing up to his mistakes and taking a shot at the thing he does best...the thing he loves the most, I respect the hell out of him.
This must have been a tough decision for Michael to give up alcohol. I believe however that this was probably the best choice he could have ever made in his lifetime and it will not only inspire and change his life, but also the lives of others all around the world. It certainly has changed and inspired my own life.

Thank you Michael.

Glad to see him back in the water. And can't believe he won all those medals even after drinking a shit ton. Imagine what he could've achieved if he hadn't drank his entire career.
This is awesome. Yeah, sometimes alcohol can hold you back....especially if you're a serious athlete that trains everyday.
@DavidGom Def talented. But he also put in a shit ton of work!
@alywoah Yeah. But I wouldn't be so against having a drink or two once in awhile. But the fact that he's totally staying off alcohol shows you how dedicated he is for the upcoming Olympics!